Friday Dev News #55 - Traffic Lights

Hello everyone!

Today I’m happy to announce our next big roadmap item: Traffic lights!

You will be able to configure them in detail, down to which lane shows which color at which point in time. To make things easier, traffic lights will get sensible default settings that are ok for most situations. Together with the existing lane config tool, this should allow you to manage high traffic intersections much more closely.

Closely related to this are traffic signs to make cars yield or give them right of way. This is both an easier way of prioritizing roads as well as a necessary tool to make proper roundabouts.

Next week, I’m planning to show more of the configuration interface for both.

Small extra: Today we saw our first player city with 58k population - so it’s fitting you’re getting a loading screen progress bar with the next major update:

And finally, for this weeks update, I fixed another save loading issue for the 2 players who reported it on the forum and we also added the Thai translation.

Happy playing!