Friday Dev News #50 - Fixes, Cursors, Turkish

Hello everyone,

it’s been one week since the train update and I’m glad many of you have been enjoying it!
There have been a sizeable number of bug reports since the update and we spent most of the week working on fixes. The train update changed some deeper navigation code, so it was a bit harder to figure out the exact cause, but I think we got all the important bugs fixed now!

I also just uploaded Alpha 8.1.180 with some extras besides all the fixes:

  • rebalanced yellow science to take fewer neural processors, but take a little longer to produce
  • your mouse cursor now changes when you move or delete stuff - so it’s not so easy to do it by mistake
  • added Turkish language (thanks to the community translator!)

We have heard your suggestions on how to further improve the trains and how they work and have put them all in our ideas list. In future development we will prioritize and compare them with other feature requests and work on the most promising tasks overall.

Christmas is coming up and we’re looking forward to spend some time with deeper planning and some behind the scenes maintenance like more bugfixing or performance work instead of releasing new features every week.

Happy playing!