Friday Dev News #45 - Train Station

Hello everyone!

Check out our new train station:

You will be able to hook up the station directly to your road network by using one of the entrance and exit roads. This allows you to to handle many more goods per minute than with a default access road like most buildings.

The model is designed in a way to handle different amounts of rails, but we’re not sure yet if we’ll release this as a feature - we need to work more on the movement system itself first.

Road building quality of life

While we work on trains in the background, with this week’s update we’re releasing a couple small QoL features to make road building a little easier:

  • Using the move tool, you can drag a road end point on top of another road or intersection to merge them
  • Road segments reorganize themselves a little when you make a road segment that would be too small for the game
  • You can’t build multiple roads on top of each other anymore
  • You can’t move intersections so close together that the road segment in between would be too

There is more road building QoL to come, but it takes time because the building system is gridless and free-form :slight_smile:

Happy playing!


That’s one snazzy looking building!

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