Friday Dev News #43 - Trains & Roads

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Dev News post after Early Access release!

1 Week after Early Access

We want to extend a warm thank you to everyone that has bought InfraSpace, played it, provided feedback and became part of our community this week. When I check Steam’s screenshots section or the Discord server, there are some pretty amazing city designs out there and I’m happy to see them realized :slight_smile:

Today’s Update

The game has been received very well so far with a 92% positive rating at the time of writing. Still, there have been a couple of bugs and annoyances and it’s our job to take care of them. I already released 4 small patches during the release weekend and the beginning of this week, and today, you’re some more fixes and additions:

  • Habitats now show how much products they have in storage exactly and how quickly they are consumed
  • The demolish and replace tools now can demolish/replace multiple roads and buildings at once when you drag your mouse over them
  • Road height no longer jumps up or down when moving an intersection
  • You can press shift to adjust the road height more precisely (using R and F)
  • Fixed a bug where building a road from the side of an existing road would not snap to 90°
  • Fixed a bug where pathfinding could break down in very large cities
  • Fixed a bug where signs would collide with nearby buildings after loading a save even though it was fine when the save was created
  • Fixed a bug where moving a wind turbine and then exiting the move tool would disconnect the turbine from nearby power poles
  • Fixed a bug where stopping to build a row of power lines would exit the power line build tool altogether
  • Added Polish language (thanks to the community translators!)

Sneak Peek: Trains!

Thank you to everyone who has cast their vote on the roadmap already!

The most requested feature by far was trains, so we got right to work:

For now, these are just graphics without any programming behind them, but you can still let us know if you like how they look!

Screenshot Contest on the Subreddit

Community member Casiteal is running a screenshot contest on the subreddit /r/infraspace

The winner is getting Reddit Gold or Discord Nitro, so if you want to participate and show off your city, check it out!

Final Words

That’s it for this week. Thanks again for playing and keep the feedback coming, we read everything :slight_smile:


Love the trains !
And thank you for fixing the bugs, cannot wait to try the multiple erase function.

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