Friday Dev News #40 - Signs & Artworks

Hello everyone!

It’s past Saturday 2am here, but I haven’t slept yet, so I’m still going to count this as a “Friday” Dev News :smiley:

This week we did a bunch of work adding first tutorials, tooltips and error messages (for example when a power plant is not connected to a power network). Still, you’re getting a nice little extra feature this week and it is… signs!

You can use them to organize your city or give it a little personality:


  • Standing Sign & Laying Sign
  • Can rotate buildings with Q and E, independent of roads
  • UI elements to explain Q-E rotation for buildings and R-F bridges for roads
  • Tutorial to explain city info panel in dashboard to new players (bottom left)
  • Error Icons + Tooltips for
    • Building colliding
    • Building not placed on resource deposit
    • Power plant not connected to power network
    • Road colliding
    • Road segment too short
    • Road too steep
    • Road too close to neighbor
    • Road too far from ground

I might have forgot something, but I’m pushing today’s update from home and left my notes in the office. :smiley:


Our store pages on Steam, GoG, and Humble need good nice assets so that interested players can get a feel for the game and see that we’re doing some serious work on it. For this purpose we’ve made a new artwork which we’re using across our websites now. I hope you like it!


Happy playing!