Friday Dev News #39 - Interactive Roadmap for Early Access!

Hello everyone!

this week we’re releasing our Interactive Roadmap for Early Access, which starts on Oct 15th. You can check it out in-game and even vote on which features you’d like to see most!

We promise to add at least 3 main features during Early Access:

Further, we’ve created a pool of 9 more features ideas for you to vote for:

Check them out in-game and let us know which ones you like. We’ll select the best ones depending on how many people would like to see them and depending on how well they fit into the game.

Full Changelog

  • Added interactive roadmap
  • Improved save loading time, especially in the road decals step
  • Improved save system to make corrupted saves less likely
  • Fixed a bug where districts would have strange visuals after saving

Happy playing!