Friday Dev News #38 - City Statistics

Hello everyone!

Some behind the scenes work for the Early Access release is keeping us busy, but we still managed to get a couple of new things in: This week you’re getting a new statistics panel and better road visuals!

You can see charts about your population development, jobs, housing, and immigration rate:

Also, for each resource you can display how much was produced at which point in time:


  • New statistics panel
  • Improved road visuals
  • Changed some house layouts to fit better onto their collision box
  • New mouse pointer
  • Fixed a bug where district rules would still be displayed when you left that panel

Happy playing!

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Is it useful?I can’t find another factory related to it

Thanks for letting me know. It’s supposed to be necessary for VR-Edutainment glasses.

If so, can you introduce an eye protection mode?The yellow map is a bit fatiguing to look at for a long time.I am seriously playing this game

Ah, the VR-glasses are a product in-game. Citizens in developed habitats ask for them :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game though!