Friday Dev News #36 - City Districts, InfraSpace Release Date

Hello everyone!

This week we’re introducing another, even more powerful traffic management tool: City Districts!
First, you group buildings together in a district…


…and then you define where the goods produced in this district should go:


This should give you a lot more control of the traffic flow and hopefully gives you some new ideas about how to organize your industry.

We also added a bunch of new animations. Here you can see the stadium and the food factory:



Finally, we balanced the immigration rate for large cities so it’s easier to keep people moving in.

Early Access Release on Oct 15th

We’ve been providing free updates for 6 months now and the game has gotten better and better. We believe the time has come to share the game with the rest of the world and on October 15th the game will release into Early Access on Steam!

It’s been a great journey together with our playtesters and I hope it’ll be just as great once the larger Steam community joins in. Until then, happy playing!