Friday Dev News #34 - Buildings, Balance, Bugs

Hello everyone!

this week we’re bringing the second large batch of new buildings to you.
Also, I spent some time changing the balance of the early- and mid-game. It should be a lot easier to get started now. Starting buildings take less concrete and power plants don’t need any workers anymore.

A notable change is that immigration now is tied to habitat quality. This should not impact you early on at all, but in the later stages immigrants expect a certain level of comfort when they move into your city. Click on the spaceport to get details.

Also, you can now speed up time. We initially didn’t add this as a design choice, but the early game might be less boring when you don’t have to wait for gathering concrete and for people moving in that much.

New Stuff

  • Improved ~10 building models
  • Added notifications for when you don’t have enough power or can select a new technology to research
  • Added power display on bottom left of dashboard so you can see your power level at a glance. Turns yellow / red if you don’t have enough power.
  • Added “auto-curve” and “auto-straight” buttons to the road editing tool
  • Added a time speedup button
  • Added production per second and consumption per second views in the prioritization panel so you can balance your industries more easily

Balance + Changes

  • Power plants produce more power
  • Wind turbines and solar power plants don’t require any workers
  • Starting buildings require less concrete, especially sulfur mines, sand mines, and concrete factories
  • the population is satisfied more easily in the beginning
  • iron, copper, aluminum, uranium, and iridium mines are more expensive, but produce more
  • changed some factory efficiency numbers so you need less electronics factories and more microchip, computer, and science pack factories
  • renamed “storehouse” to “construction material storage” so players are not as confused about its purpose


  • fixed an issue where trucks would block each other when moving into/out of buildings
  • fixed a bug where you couldn’t prioritize workers correctly
  • fixed a bug where buildings would be unpowered even though they were in the correct radius
  • fixed a bug where ore veins could vanish upon reloading
  • fixed a bug where a save file couldn’t be loaded
  • fixed an issue where road editing tools would break if you deleted a road during editing
  • fixed an issue where resource patch rendering took 4x as long as usual

Unfortunately the ore vein fix means that this week’s update is not compatible with last previous saves again. Sorry for that.

Happy playing!

Wind turbines are goofing off,no more spins

Thanks for letting me know. Probably just an animation bug, they still provide power :slight_smile: