Friday Dev News #33 - New Buildings & World Gen Fixes

Hello everyone!

Last week’s terrain update went pretty smoothly for such a large change, but nevertheless there have been a number of issues plagueing players, like blocked access ramps to the highland, inaccessible resource patches or bugged road construction.

With this update we address pretty much all of them and as a bonus we finished a large patch of new building models. Now your industry center should look significantly different!

New Stuff + Changes

  • New buildings models for:
    • Electronics Factory
    • Microchip Factory
    • Computer Factory
    • Neural Processor Factory
    • Carbon Nanotubes Factory
    • Motor Factory
    • Home + Industrial Robot Factories
    • Holo Display Factory
    • VR Edutainment System Factory
    • High Tech Workshop
  • Significantly changed resource placement: copper, iron, aluminum, uranium and iridium are now placed along the side of larger rocks in a long pattern that should be accessible more easily with mines
  • Aluminium, uranium, and iridium resource patches are no longer intermixed randomly. Instead there are some highland plateaus with more aluminum, some highlands plateaus with only uranium and so on
  • Changed the rock generation so access slopes to the highlands are not blocked so easily
  • Roads can be quite a bit steeper now
  • Power poles can be further from each other
  • Power poles cover a much larger area
  • The loading menu now shows at which step the loading currently is. This should help detect issues and give you some feedback when a save takes longer to load.
  • The game now continues loading the save in the background even if you switch to another window during loading
  • Changed sand, sulfur, and copper mine collider size so they can fit more easily


  • Fixed an issue where Vsync being off would influence simulation speed
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t select the research lab after researching a technology has completed
  • Fixed a bug where the required workers were not being displayed when hovering over a factory in the build menu
  • Fixed a bug where mines sometimes wouldn’t recognize they were being placed on top of the correct resource
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t snap a road into an existing large intersection, leading to flickering
  • Fixed a bug where single roads chained together on an incline didn’t go smoothly but had a “stairs” effect: going steep, then flat, then steep again
  • Fixed a bug where trucks would get deleted when turning from an access road into a one way road
  • Fixed a bug where cars wouldn’t enter a road correctly when going from an access road into a proper road with a left turn
  • Fixed a bug where the new prioritization system would not fill all jobs fully and leave out a worker at some of the industries

Because of the significant world generation changes, old saves are not compatible with this week’s update. If you have a large save from last week, you can either keep playing the old version for now or upgrade if you like the new changes above :slight_smile:

Happy playing!


Really smart looking factories/buildings :sunglasses: :+1: :grinning:

I like the new changes, items, buildings and the good quality fixes.