Friday Dev News #32 - Procedural Worlds

Hello everyone!

This update is a big one! We’ve spent the past 2 weeks working to improve the terrain and today we’re releasing our new randomly generated worlds to you.

Your city can span 3 different biomes: The desert, the stone fields, and the highlands. Each provides different resources and has a different layout.

  1. The desert features wide open fields with few resources.
  2. The stone fields are pretty cramped, but are vital for your iron and copper supply.
  3. The highlands provide specialized resources, but are not so easy to access. There is also a great view! :smiley:

During our work we also worked on the visuals quite a bit. It’s not so relevant for gameplay, but the terrain texture has some variation even within the different biomes and all kinds of smaller rocks and stones create some detail for when you’re zoomed in.

I guess it’s best to let the pictures do the talking:

Happy playing!


Wow, what a great layout.
It is looking real with the terrain challenges.
Colony Alpha VI, here I come.

Looks great, very nice change.