Friday Dev News #27 - Road Shapes

Hello everyone!

This week we’re bringing you some new tools to make the roads go in the way you want! It’s been one of the most requested features during the Steam Next event, so I’m glad to finally release it.

First, there is this small little button where you can select if you want to build curved roads or straight roads:

Second, you can click on the road to edit it’s shape manually:


If you click on the lock, you can make sure the road is connected well with its neighbor:


And finally, there is a new distance measurement tool. At the moment, it’s not really necessary to use, but I have some more features planned that should make it helpful tool :smiley:

And that’s it for this weeks road. As a final note, check out some of our new building concepts. Would love to know what you think!

Happy playing!


Absolutely excellent news !! :sunglasses:

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nice, now waiting for the new desing be on the game to see it on all its glory

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I like the Home Appliance building, looks like a “Big Box Store”. :grin:
The Food building should match the theme of the buildings that supplies it.

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Wow, you’ve been busy while I was away with work. Great to see the new updates.

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Very nice addition to the game. Quite like the building concepts too.