Friday Dev News #26 - Lane Configuration

Hello everyone!

First a quick reminder: If you found InfraSpace through Steam Next and would like to continue playing you can sign up to be an Alpha Tester on our website. It’ free and you get to play newer versions, but there might be more bugs.

Steam Next

On Wednesday, Steam Next came to a close and I’d like to thank everyone for checking out InfraSpace and giving us your feedback :slight_smile:
As always, there are positive and negative opinions, but the most common opinion seems to be that the game has potential, but there is still stuff to do. That’s fair - InfraSpace has been in development for 6 months now and hasn’t hit Early Access yet.

I’m sorry the auto-curves was the source of so much trouble. A fix is on my todo-list.

After a small bugfix update, I spent the rest of the week preparing the game for more traffic tools, the first being… Lane configs!

Lane Configurations

You can now configure how cars are allowed to turn at intersection. This helps you with traffic management in multiple ways:

  • You can forbid left turns, so these cars don’t block traffic and search for another way, like over a bridge
  • If the intersection is high traffic, you can forbid two lanes from merging at the intersection so the cars go through more quickly and merge later
  • You can designate more lanes to turn into a specific direction if that direction has a lot more traffic than the others

Visual Stuff

We played around a bit this week and added some Volumetric Lighting and Bloom. Small effects, but looks nice.



Also, we got new Parks and Research Lab models, just for you!

Other than that, we have small performance improvements for large cities with disconnected traffic networks.

We hope you enjoy the update. Happy playing!

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How to download the latest version?Can you give me a website?I have been playing this game for almost a month, but I only updated the version once, and it is on steam

Hi @cn-user-jackor, check out the first paragraph in my post for info:

Happy playing!

There is a link on the homepage on where to sign up for testing:

Thank you for your reply. I have downloaded the latest version of info:)I’ll stay on the game