Friday Dev News #24 - New Habitats

Hello everyone!

This week we’ve also been quite busy preparing for Steam Next and our new trailer is almost done!
We’ll release the trailer together with Alpha 6 on Wednesday. For players that have been playing every week, not much will change with Alpha 6, but a lot has happend since Alpha 5.0 in March and we think the game has progressed more than enough to be able to get a new major version.

We’re also experimenting with the look of the city. Scroll down to see our first attempts at what new habitats could look like - these are just tests for now, but we think a downtown area with some highrises could work very well.

And of course, with todays update, Alpha 5.14, you get a bunch of small fixes and changes. Check it out!

New Features and Changes

  • power poles now have a maximum distance. When building power lines, additional poles automatically spawn
  • improved power indicators - instead of overlapping decals, the visualization merges nicely into each other
  • added tooltips that display resource name when hovering over it
  • rebalanced nuclear reactor, fixed a bug where uranium wouldn’t be delivered in time
  • power poles now have a circular collider to make placement easier
  • increased resource needs to balance later city levels against upgrades like industrial robots or high tech tools


  • fixed a bug where buildings would get disconnected from their streets randomly
  • fixed a bug where buildings would disconnect after reloading
  • fixed a bug where you couldn’t place uranium mines
  • fixed wrong scaling of the small iron mine
  • fixed a bug where a tooltip would get stuck in one location and stop moving with the mouse
  • fixed a bug where buildings would rotate wildly when placing them, even flickering
  • fixed a bug where the game wouldn’t respond if you built 2 one-way-roads facing each other

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Nice to see the bug fixes, keep up the good work.

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The new graphics, again, are looking impressive… :sunglasses: :+1:

Looking good, nice work. :+1: