Friday Dev News #22 - City Level Changes, Bugfixes

Hello everyone!

our last 3 updates have been quite large: The power system, a bunch of new upgrades, and the UI overhaul. Each time, we just barely managed to fit all the work into one week.

That’s why this week we took some time to get to some of the smaller quality-of-life issues we wouldn’t usually prioritize.

One of the bigger changes is that you now need an fixed absolute number of citizens at a certain level in order to advance your city to the next level, instead of a percentage of your current inhabitants. Also, we got new science pack models :smiley:. Besides that, check out all the other small changes in the list:

New stuff

  • Progress bar for research
  • Added exclamation mark if new tech can be researched
  • Animations for buttons in dashboard
  • Tooltips for resource icons, so you can see their name
  • Displaying building price when hovering over buildings in selection panel
  • Displaying production time in building info panel
  • Can now move streets
  • New science pack factory models


  • City levels now require an absolute number of citizens at a certain level to advance, instead of 60% of your total city
  • Rebalanced worker requirements for large copper and large uranium mines
  • Sand mines, sulfur mines, and concrete factories are now more productive
  • Renamed “Science Pack 1” to “Blue Science Pack” and similar for other packs
  • Used better names like “Outpost” instead of “City Level 1”
  • Selected buildings are now highlighted


  • Right click / escape can now cancel every action properly
  • Power poles, power substations, wind turbines, and solar power plants don’t connect to roads anymore
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip would flash if you moved your mouse on top of it
  • Fixed a bug where cars on multi-lane roads could get stuck at an intersection, causing a traffic jam
  • Fixed a bug where cars would stop being simulated, leaving them as “ghost cars”
  • Fixed a bug where cars would teleport a couple meters when entering an intersection
  • Fixed a bug where after loading a savegame buildings that were previously fine would collide with each other
  • Fixed a bug where newly placed buildings would get way more deliveries than they could hold in storage
  • Fixed a bug where cars would disappear if you changed any roads on their path. Now, they just make a quick stop to check their GPS navigation :wink:
  • Fixed wrong icon on green and yellow science pack factories
  • Fixed settings dropdown size
  • Fixed forum buttons in main menu
  • Fixed text issues when showing message about new tech researched
  • More than doubled loading speed for large saves

Definitely liking the graphical changes .-.Bit of a surprise that my City became a Large Town :wink:
Logical, though… and plenty of new things to check out/watch for…
Building - lots of building to do :astonished: :+1:

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Wow, looks like you’ve been extremely busy, going to check it out now.
Thanks again for all the hard work you put into the game.

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