Friday Dev News #2

Hello everyone!

The second week has gone by and we’ve made some progress!
For a couple of days I was quite busy catching up on Founders’ Fortune bug reports and feedback. Once that was done and Release 1.0.4 was out the door, I started with the non-dev tasks to do for InfraSpace, like defining the gameplay vision properly for us devs, making a time schedule to keep track of production or creating the Steam page and writing all of that text so we have a clear game concept to work towards and communicate to the players.

While I was busy doing all that miscellaneous work, Andreas had a chance to get some more detail into his model ideas:

Large Mine to get all kinds of resources out of the rock

Steel Mill for heavy industry

Some Habitats for people to live in

Extraterrestrial transport truck

While not finished yet, they look pretty good at this stage imho!
I’m hoping we’ll be able to get enough done next week so we can announce the game and I can take these devlogs public! Let’s go!