Friday Dev News #19 - Power

Hello everyone!

Power System

It’s time to get your city powered up!
This update brings the power system. Every factory and every habitat will require electricity to do its job and you can choose between 3 power plants to generate it:

The wind turbine is cheap early on, but requires a bunch of workers per MW. Also, you can’t build them too close to each other or their efficiency will drop.

The solar panel array generates a lot more power than a wind turbine, and it doesn’t require that many workers per MW. However, it’s more expensive to build and takes up a bunch of space.

The nuclear reactor is the go-to solution when you need large amounts of energy. It requires a lot of stuff and continuous deliveries of uranium to keep running, but for a large city, it’s worth the effort.

You can distribute the power to your buildings by utilizing power poles or
substations to cover a large area.

Most of the models for power stuff is just placeholder art and will be replaced sometime down the road :smiley:

Other changes

  • added new farm model
  • added new spaceport model
  • technologies in city level 1 + 2 a little less expensive
  • added first simple environment sound: wind
  • added second music track by Alexander Falinski

Happy playing, let us know how it goes!


Going to take it for a run now.

I am creating a new build for this version.
The power updates and other changes are just what is needed.
Well done Devs

A fresh start - again :wink:
It certainly doesn’t look as if my old game can cope with these changes…

oh nice! Might restart then so I can put power grid in a better spot :stuck_out_tongue:

Really enjoying the current version - It just remains to see if I can keep going with messing up :wink
Solar power is very helpful…

It’s going well so far, had a long play yesterday and didn’t run into any problems I couldn’t handle. The occasional nonlinking cable, but other wise it was all good.
Animating the wind turbines would be great. But baby steps, we just got power.

I cant use the power poles

never mind i figured out