Friday Dev News #18 - One Way Roads

Hello everyone!

This week we wanted to give you more tools to handle traffic, so we introduced the one way road. It’s especially useful to guide cars towards an intended route and to avoid certain intersections getting clogged.

Besides the new one way roads, you’re getting some quality of life stuff, like getting resources back for building destruction and of course bugfixes.

I’d also like to mention the new visualization for building sizes, I hope this makes planning your city a little easier :smiley:

New Stuff

  • One Way Roads
  • visualizations for building sizes
  • new mine models
  • since new mines take more space: balanced them to produce twice as many resources while requiring twice as many workers
  • new storehouse models
  • getting resources back for destruction of roads and buildings
  • paying resources for moving buildings


  • fixed a bug where resources wouldn’t be delivered even though the outgoing storage of the factory was full
  • fixed a bug where science pack would only go to the research lab or never go to the research lab
  • mines no longer work when moved from their required resources after building them
  • fixed a bug where cars wouldn’t take the shortest way
  • fixed a bug where cars could get stuck while turning into access road
  • when building a new road closer to existing building, the access road switches to the closest road
  • habitat colliders now all have the same size

Happy playing!


New visuals look great.

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I just released Alpha 5.8.34 with some fixes:

  • Changed the order priorities again so that steel gets distributed to motor factories and storehouses
  • Fixed a bug where the storehouse would get disconnected
  • Fixed a bug where buildings side road would switch even when not necessary
  • Fixed a bug where switching to build mode after moving something would immediately build whatever was just selected

Happy playing :slight_smile:


Really liking the new graphics - and a new fix to boot !! :grin: :+1:

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