Friday Dev News #17 - Large Balance changes + Composer

Hello everyone!

this week we’re trying some large balancing changes that should change the way the game plays in mid- and late-game significantly.


In the previous Alpha versions until now, players had to be careful when they grew their city: Any time you added new habitats, the new inhabitants required more resources, which required more factories, which required more habitats, …

Often times, it was better to keep your city small to manage this cycle. While this could be an interesting challenge, it’s not the kind of game we want to make! If you’re in need of more production, it should make sense to get a larger workforce.

That’s why we drastically scaled down the needs for this version. This is how many workers where needed to supply goods for a city of 100 people in the previous Alpha (note how you need more than 100 suppliers in Level 5!):

These are the new requirements for Alpha 5.7:

In order to make up for the difference, we’ve made research a lot more difficult, so we’re super interested to hear from you about how it plays!

Music by Alexander Falinski

I’m happy to announce that InfraSpace is going to feature music by Alexander Falinski!
Alexander is the composer behind games like Planetbase and Dawn of Man, so seasoned city building players might already be familiar with his work!

He recently finished the first track for InfraSpace. Check it out:



  • Fulfilling upgrade requirements is way easier now, especially on higher city levels
  • Research takes way more effort
  • Slightly more concrete available in beginning
  • Citizens move in quicker
  • Habitats need lower fulfillment percentage

New Stuff

  • Proper Screenshot mode with F4
  • Screenshots saved as jpg
  • Alex music
  • New camera movement


  • Fixed order issues
  • Fixed Floating Texts again
  • Multithreading issue fixes
  • Fixed a silent issue when loading saves
  • Fixed issue where cars would teleport on intersections (there might be more of these left, so don’t hesitate reporting :wink: )

As always, Alpha 5.7 is available for download, so give it a try!

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All sounds great to me, interested in seeing more late game.

I have both of the Madruga games, so yes - The new music sits very well with me. :grinning:

Alright guys, it seems like a bugfix update is in order :smiley: Alpha 5.7.32 changes:

  • fixed traffic stuck after rearranging roads
  • fixed bug where 1 computer would be delivered, but 8 would be removed from storage
  • improved performance for disconnected cities
  • fixed bug where game wouldn’t unpause after tutorial message
  • fixed Spanky’s traffic stuck issue
  • fixed Pelukin save loading issue