Friday Dev News #16 - Road Building Restrictions

ATTENTION: If you play a save from a previous Alpha, your city might need some fixing! Pause the game and use the new “move building” tool to fix it.

Hello everyone!

In the past versions, players have often unintentionally abused the building system in various ways, like placing buildings on top of roads or putting 2 intersections too close to each other.

At best, this resulted in strange looking intersections, but at worst roads would start to bug out - and we don’t want that.

This update, we’re adding a couple of restrictions and markers to guide the players and teach them how the building system is meant to be used.

You can’t make roads too steep:

You can’t put buildings inside another building or on top of a road:

Intersections need enough space for between the roads:

Roads can’t be too short:

We think these restrictions are necessary to keep the city looking ok, but we did our best to not make them too restrictive. It might be a lot of work converting an existing city, but when starting a new map, these rules shouldn’t be too annoying.

In order to make all this more manageable, we added a “move building” tool. Check your building menu for it and reorganize your city to your liking. We hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update Daniel.

Give this build a run now.


So it looks like the population counter isn’t working. I have a basic habitat with 10 people in it and the population counter shows 15.

So this limitation basically stopped me from progressing a new city. Even when I created more habitats and had well over 20 people in the habitats, the available work force was tied to the population counter.

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@Saip thanks for the report, I just released 5.6.1 with a bunch of fixes:

  • fixed an issue where workers wouldn’t update on top right
  • fixed an issue where buildings weren’t working after reloading the game
  • fixed an issue that led to orders not being well distributed (distributions in old saves will stay the way they are until the orders are done)
  • fixed an issue where habitats wouldn’t work after they upgraded
  • fixed an issue where you couldn’t easily switch buildings in build mode

Thanks Daniel, amazing turn around time on the bug fixes.

Going to give it a try now.