Friday Dev News #156 - Inactive Volcano Map

Hello everyone and welcome to the April update!

This time, we have 3 main news for you:

Volcano Map

It’s been a long time coming and today we’re finally releasing the Volcano Map!

The map is designed to be a little challenge for more advanced players. There is not so much building space and the terrain is very sloped, so you have to be more selective about how you organize your city. This becomes more important in the mid- to late-game as the industries are getting more complex and the layout of your roads matter more.

Localization Update

Most of our translations were done by the community so far, which we are really thankful for! But that also means, that not all localizations were at 100% done all the time. Now that InfraSpace is pretty much done, we worked with a localization company to get the languages with the most players up to snuff. That’s why German, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian should be at 100% completion now. French will probably be done with the next update.

Mac Crash Fix

I’m sorry this has been plaguing mac players for a while. There was a crash that could happen sometimes when you upgraded the adamantine mine. If a car was currently on the way to the mine as it upgrades, the car would try to reroute to a building that is no longer valid (because it has been replaced by the new mine stage). This would crash our routing algorithm, something which was graciously ignored by the windows version of the library because of different compile settings.

In any case, it’s fixed now, so let us know if you’re having any other issues!

As always,
Happy playing!


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