Friday Dev News #155 - Big Bugfixing Update Released Today!

Hello everyone and welcome to the March Bugfixing Update!

In the last post, I announced that we will take more time for updates from now on. They used to be weekly, now it’s around a month or so. Since then, we have fixed a lot of issues, big and small.

The most interesting change is that the worker distribution algorithm has changed now. You can now easily set industries to a certain worker number without the game trying to fill up industries with any remaining unemployed people. What you set, counts.

Also, worker distribution now takes some time. You can see this probably only in large cities if you change hundreds or thousands of jobs at once. This change was made for better performance during normal gameplay.

Full List of Changes

  • Changed the algorithm that distributes workers to jobs
  • Fixed superHighways category sometimes needing two clicks to get selected)
  • Fixed replace/reverse buttons staying on outside of road/rail categories
  • Fixed being able to replace rails w/ roads
  • Fixed missing Japanese letters
  • Fixed collection/distribution center UI buttons having background text
  • Removed car resource from collection/distribution center’s resource list
  • Fixed logistics visualization not counting pipes as connections
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a building in district caused an internal issue
  • Fix in encyclopedia entry for districts
  • Fixed bridge piers colliders being too short (not colliding after a certain height)
  • Fixed buildings w/ multiple producable resources not showing missing road connection when it has only 1 pipe
  • Fixed tutorial buttons having “Production” text instead of “Got it”
  • Fixed production panel tutorial throwing not assigned error
  • Updated localization
  • Fixed noAccessToRoad not showing in PowerUpInfoPanel upon having no road connection (for recycling center and soil fertilizer)
  • Fixed moving AOE upgrade buildings not applying their upgrade to their neighbors (for recycling center and soil fertilizer)
  • Fixed producers out of range of collection centers making deliveries to them
  • Fixed gondola connectors throwing NullReferenceException
  • Fixed highlighting a save file’s name while renaming it throwing an error

There is a high prio mac issue on our list, we’ll address this with the next update. Sorry it didn’t make it into this one!

I hope you are having fun playing InfraSpace. Let us know if there is anything else you need fixed.

Happy playing!


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