Friday Dev News #154 - Monthly Updates

Hello everyone and happy new year!

We are back to work and have spent the last week fixing a bunch of more issues here and there.

This is the list:

  • Fix delete save button not working
  • Fix reverse road tool bringing back foliage
  • Fix UI scale slider jittering the graphics settings
  • Fix preview road (road that hasn’t been built yet) touching a rail breaking the game
  • Fix spaceship view not showing laser
  • Replace cursor while replacing/reversing roads
  • Fix intersection rings (blue rings) not disappearing after canceling deletion
  • Fix deleting all rails of a train line, which has at least a train, throwing an error
  • Fix collection/distribution centers not disconnecting upon resource change

Updates now monthly instead of weekly

From our 1.0 release on Sept 22nd until christmas we have released updates every week. This was really great for fixing bugs quickly and improving the most obvious quality of life issues.

But it’s a lot of extra effort because each week we have to go through some quality assurance testing to make sure we didn’t accidentally break anything while fixing a bug!

That’s why from now on, we’ll release our updates monthly. We are going to spend the whole month fixing this, and improving that, and then do a big QA test where we check the whole game at once.

If you want to help us playtesting or experience new changes early, you can join our discord server and ask to help with playtesting by pinging the @Developer role.

Let us know if there is anything else you need and as always,
happy playing!

Really bad bug

Loading my 1.30 game into 1.34 caused all collection and distribution centers to become disconnected.

After reconnecting all of them (ugh), everything seemed to function normally.

However, upon saving, exiting, and re-loading my game (which now claims to be at 1.34), they are all disconnected again!

I’m dead in the water. Halp!

EDIT: fixed in 1.35. Never mind. :slight_smile:


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