Friday Dev News #152 - Sharp UI Text & Fixes

Hello everyone,

we’re back with another bugfix and improvement update. This week it’s a bunch of smaller things, but they do add up and some were highly requested by players:

  • Fixed incorrect area coverage and terraforming progress in the terraforming progression panel
  • Sharpened the text of all of the UIs and improve the UI of map selection
  • Fixed vsync not working properly in graphics settings
  • Fixed colliding buildings no longer colliding with nearby roads upon loading
  • Fixed terraforming buildings that were terraforming without workers
  • Fixed fertilizer drone hub texture looking wrong
  • Fixed car colors so that all truck colors match their resource icon

Optimization incoming

We have found an opportunity to optimize the worker distribution in large cities. If you’re running a big city and your CPU is struggling, this might lead to a couple extra fps.

We’re currently working on the improvement and it’s gonna be our main focus for next week. It’s a deep code change so it’s a little risky. We’ll do proper playtesting and hope that we can release it on Wednesday already, so that we are not on Christmas break yet and available to do hotfixes should the need arise.

Speaking of Christmas, after next week’s update / Friday Dev News we’re probably going to pause Friday Dev News for 2-3 weeks for the Christmas break and so we can focus on behind the scenes work. More details next week!

Until then,
Happy playing!


I guess you mean changing the treatment of workers as individual objects to anonymous aggregated numbers. That’s something I was wondering why you were doing it so complicated. Probably historic reasons.

If you implement production accuracy updates like explained in this post then you can probably also get away with factory production logic running only every 20 or 25 simulation frames instead of 10. In big cities this may also grant another FPS or two.

You’re right that it’s the distribution of workers and you’re also right that it’s because of historic reasons.

But we’re just changing the worker distribution algorithm, the treatment as single objects doesn’t incur that much overhead since these objects are not often created and mostly just references reassigned between buildings.

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