Friday Dev News #151

Hello everyone,

this week, we’re releasing a multitude of minor fixes for things here and there:

  • Fixed moving distribution center’s consumer buildings not adding(removing) itself to(from) the distribution centers in realtime
  • Fixed clicking on a car that’s going to a building without a sideroad throwing errors
  • Fixed distribution center’s UI sometimes throwing errors
  • Fixed update InfraSpace 1.23.413 causing some players’ saves not to load
  • Fixed moving AOE buildings (e.g. parks) that were sorrunded by many habitats sometimes throwing - error
  • Fixed clicking on Recyling Center and Soil Enrichment not kicking in visualization mode

Throughout the last weeks we have reduced the number of bugs by a lot. There are a couple still on the list, so we’re gonna continue with more small fixes for next week, too. Thanks especially to Sepehr for all the hard fixing work.

Happy playing!

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