Friday Dev News #150 - Train & Terraforming Improvements

Hello everyone and welcome to another batch of fixes and improvements.

Here is the list:

  • Changed terraforming visualization color so you can much more easily see where you might have missed a spot.
  • Made 100% terraforming a little more easy to reach.
  • Changed train pathfinding to avoid going through stations if they are not the destination. Helps with avoiding congestion.
  • Changed goods pathfinding slightly to avoid unnecessary train rides in cases where players did not lay out their city well.
  • Fixed research lab’s panel to update the selected research properly.


This week we talked with a bunch of players where they had trouble with using the logistics. If you have trouble with the logistics, definitely read the encyclopedia and learn how to use distribution centers. That can be a big help to make goods deliver how you want them to!

Thanks for your support! Let us know if the changes are improving your experience and if there are any other issues left.

Happy playing!


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