Friday Dev News #149 - Train Platforms Fix

Hello everyone!


Today we’re releasing another fix update, containing a major improvement for train-lovers: Improved trains platform choice.

Train stations in InfraSpace have multiple platforms, which on paper sounds like a good feature to have for high-traffic train stations.

The problem was, that InfraSpace trains already chose the platform they are going towards when they left the previous station. But, the journey is long and while the train was traveling, another train could easily slip in between and occupy the platform. Thus, the first train was still going towards the chosen platform even though it was occupied and many other free platforms were available!

With this update, trains keep watching out for changes in platform occupancy while driving and they adjust to path to an empty platform if possible. This makes thoughput on high-traffic stations much better.

Nuclear Power Water Rebalance

Also, we changed the balancing of the nuclear reactor water consumption again.
Recently we had some issues with them either requesting too many resources or the storage for water being too large for early game buildings, so these are the new changes:

  • Reduced maximum storage of water to 36, so early game it does not take forever to fill buildings
  • Reduced consumption of water for nuclear power plants, so they are not stuck waiting for water

I know there are more things to improve. Especially on our mind are two issues that are plaguing a couple of people: Resources getting stuck in train stations and terraforming not being able to complete fully. If you are experiencing any other bugs really messing with your experience, feel free to let us know / remind us again, we’re gonna keep fixing and improving for a while.

Happy playing!

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