Friday Dev News #146 - UI Improvement Update almost done

Hello everyone and welcome to the 146th Friday Dev News Post!

This week we finished the UI improvement update… well, almost. The thing is, we did finish it, but it’s not been playtested properly since it just got done a couple hours ago. We’re putting a stronger focus on stability now and so we’ve decided to not release it today with Friday Dev News. Also, I got sick over the last 2 days, so I wouldn’t be as available for emergency bugfixing on the weekend in case anything got wrong.

But, if playtesting reveals no new bugs, we’re hoping to get the UI improvement to you early next week!


And then, it’s finally time to turn our attention back to bugfixing once again.

We already uploaded a hotfix for a save issue in relation to pipes earlier in the week (Patch 1.10.396 on Tuesday), and in the coming week we are planning to work on the following three things:

  • Green grass from terraforming not getting removed by roads and buildings anymore
  • Train issues
  • Steam player Seastar’s reports where he can’t seem to open the game anymore

A little extra content

While the programming side is busy with fixes and UI improvements, the art side is preparing a nice little extra content drop. This will probably only get released after the majority of bugs are fixed, but I wanted to let you know there is some working going on behind the scenes. No huge new features, just a little extra content.

Thanks for your time and let us know if you have any bugs on your mind that are more important than the ones listed!

Happy playing!


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