Friday Dev News #145 - Building Pipette Released

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Update!

originally we wanted to release another UI update this week to give you more infos and make it nicer overall, but we didn’t finish it completely. Since we want to put a bigger focus on not releasing unfinished stuff, we pushed it to next week instead.

However, what you get instead is pretty sweet: The building pipette!

A small feature, but highly requested. You can use it to copy any building, including even the color of pixel buildings.

The default hotkey is G, but you can change it in the settings.

I know there are still some actual bugs left - after we finish the UI improvement, we’ll go back to those. Specifically I’m hoping we can
finally do some fixes for old train issues
investigate reports of any remaining overdelivery to habitats or any distribution center problems
investigate any save loading issues that might be left

As always, feel free to repeat any issue that is particularly annoying to you. We can’t change the core design of InfraSpace, but we can add tools and fixes to make the experience nicer.

Until next week,
Happy playing!


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