Friday Dev News #144 - Update 1.7.387

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Fix Update!

Today we’re releasing a bunch of fixes, mostly related to the issues I found when I went through all the comments and threads last week:

  • Improved factory UI to show bonus production that you get for completing spaceship parts
  • Fixed an issue where buildings requested resources even if they didn’t have enough space for a full truck loadefwa
  • Fixed an issue where moving collection / distribution centers did not update their connected buildings visualization immediately
  • Fixed trucks being deleted upon re-routing to buildings with integrated roads (like distribution centers)
  • Flipped collection / distribution centers’ integrated roads (now it’s like every other building, it won’t affect saves)
  • Fixed that deleting a pipe also deletes pipes that lie underneath
    Fixed liquid tanks not updating pipe’s network capacity immediately
  • Fixed an issue where translations didn’t work for mods
  • Fix red dots not showing in the dashboard below for newly researched buildings while tutorial’s where disabled
  • Fixed broken roads/rails/pipes not allowing some save’s to load
  • Improve achievement tracking & fix population achievements

The highlight here is the new factory info view taking into account spaceship bonuses. The other things are mostly stuff that have been annoying some players here and there.

We’re making progress, but we’re not done yet. Don’t be afraid to re-state any bugs you are experiencing, to make sure we don’t forget.

The only things we can’t change at this point is stuff that is deep in InfraSpace’s core. Like we probably won’t be able to change the traffic AI significantly or the way routes are prioritised. These kinds of changes would require us to make a new game. Instead, we will do our best to give you all the tools you need, all the tutorials you need, and all the quality of life necessary to achieve your goals within InfraSpace’s game world.

Until next week,
Happy playing!

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Forcing buildings to request only full truck loads actually breaks the spaceship factory.

For example the factory needs 125 reinforced iridium but each truck carries 2. The factory will get 124 reinforced iridium and then sits idle because it can no-longer request 1 of the item.

The easiest solution is probably to make sure that the required resources are some multiple of truck loads.

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Thanks for the report, already uploaded a fix for this!

This is NOT fixed!
You made it even worse, because it now happens a lot more often than before.
Two trucks are on the way, and the Storage is at 7.57 of 8.
One truck will bring the storage to 8.56, the second truck driving into the house will go to waste.
(playing on hard difficulty, game version 1.8.389 on GOG.)

The first home appliance request is made at 7.99 storage, the second request is made a little later at around 7.70 storage, if the first truck has not arrived before the 7.70 mark. so this bug happens all the time if the transport route is longer than 10 seconds, and shorter than 60 seconds

After your report, we have tried to reproduce the issue but weren’t able to.

If you still see this in the current version, can you send us a save where this goes wrong?
(settings → open saves folder →

Mail sent.
I created a new map with a very simple setup, the bare minimum required for this bug.
You can see two trucks with home appliance driving into the house. the first fill up the storage, the second one is wasted. This issue will repeat itself shortly after the second truck drives into the house.

This issue is not limited to home appliance, and can happen with other ressources as well.

Thank you so much for reporting this, I thought I was going crazy!

Playing latest 1.8.389 GOG version, I have observed this distressingly often to the point where I routinely overproduce any resources consumed by population by 20% just so my residences don’t constantly flip between upgrading/downgrading.

Random map, hard mode across the board. Noticing it a lot with L5 Housing and Home Appliances as they’re up to 2.3 per building per minute.

That aside, loving the game – one of the most enjoyable logistics/traffic builders I’ve played in some time. Pleasantly surprised at how well multi-modal transport is actually working between far-away collection/distribution centers; that’s something that routinely goes haywire or is super-tedious to set up in other logistics-heavy games I’ve tried.

I noticed that factories/mines that are in the radius of a collection center don’t send resourced to other factories that need them even when the collection center is full.

I agree the collection center should be filled up first, but then the rest should be able to get resources too

@tuxle this is also true for distribution centers – if a factory has two distro. centers both connected and able to serve it, only one will do so – the other will completely ignore it. The first dist. center whose radius you expand to include the factory will be the one that serves it.

Easy enough to design around but took me a while the first time I hit it to figure out what was going on. Honestly I don’t mind, it does make some planning easier – you can be sure that a factory area isn’t causing unexpected traffic from a dist. center you didn’t design to serve that area.

a factory can only connect to one distribution center. Check the UI of the distribution/collection center. In one of the centers, the factory will be green and connected, in the other it will be yellow and not connected

Thanks @Chieri and @SilasOfBorg for the continued report. I added it back to the tasks

a factory can only connect to one distribution center

Does this include distribution centers set to different resources? For example, if I wanted to supply an electronics factory with both copper and iron, would I only be able to distribute one of those with a distribution center?

Nope. A single factory or residence can be served by multiple Distribution centers, as long as each of them is set to a different resource. It’s only when two dist. centers are set to the same resource that you start to run into complications. :slight_smile:

@Daniel , any luck fixing this? I’m kind of at a standstill right now because I can’t grow enough pop to overproduce enough to work around it. I know it isn’t a transit time issue; there are literally 0 deliveries in queue for about half my city for a resource I’m producing at least 50% more of than what I need, even after hours waiting in vain for things to “catch up”.

May have the same issue now with the drill - will not deliver the needed 1 gas because the truck holds 2 and the drill only requires 1… so the drill never runs

Yes, releasing today!

I’m just writing up the news post now.


…and confirmed that in 1.22.412 the drill is working :+1: nice as always Daniel

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