Friday Dev News #143 - Update 1.6.379

Hello everyone,

reading the comments on the last Friday Dev News, I get two impressions:

  1. For the most part, the community is happy so far with our work on bugfixes and improvements
  2. However, there are still numerous reports left, for train stations, distribution centers, trucks, etc.

We can only get to some of them each week, but rest assured we’ll keep working on it and get more and more each week until we don’t get any reports anymore.

This Week’s Update

Together with this post, we’re releasing another update:

  • Added detailed descriptions for every building
  • Overhauled building info menu to also show the radius of effect and occupied tiles
  • Added three more articles to the encyclopedia (spaceship repairs, laser, research)
  • Mouse panning button is now configurable in the settings
  • Fixed a lot of typos and localization issues, especially in German
  • Brought back the per-district production overview
  • Fix rails building into each other
  • Fix rails intersection rings not displaying (or roads in some cases)
  • Fixed wrong icon on water distillery
  • Fixed an bug that occured when trying to build rails on top of roads
  • Should have fixed an issue where the game would erroneously think it’s running on an integrated laptop GPU
  • Fixed an issue where distribution center would request too many resources from collection center and destroy the superfluous ones (note: this fix was added about 60 minutes after the post released)

The building descriptions were important because many players were confused about how InfraSpace worked, especially some of the more obscure features like districts or high tech tools.

More UI overhauls coming

Besides fixing bugs, we’re trying to improve the interface even more.

We have a bunch of ideas, but for a first taste, check out this research lab UI concept:


Third Map Update

Finally, while the programmers are fixing issues, our artist Lasse is creating a third map for you. Check out the progress on the vulcano map:

I wish we could be faster at fixing issues, but some things take time and we want to fix them properly.
Please keep reporting any issues you may have and feel free to give even more feedback!

Thanks and happy playing!


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