Friday Dev News #142 - Update 1.5.377

Hello everyone,

with this Friday Dev News we also release Patch 1.5.377, fixing a couple of serious issues.

  • fixed an issue with resource requests, where some factories would not send out resources, even though they were full.
  • fixed an issue that stopped saves from loading, especially from before the update
  • fixed a multithreading issue that messed with distribution center deliveries
  • fixed multiple bugs regarding the achievements
  • added some new tooltips to explain the game a little better, more to come

We have some more fixes in the pipeline, especially around rail building, but we’re first spending some time to properly check the fixes and will give them to our playtesters first. Last week we released an update that contained a bug that crashed the game, and we don’t want this to happen again if we can avoid it.

Also, we have started talking to localization companies. So far, many of the translations have been community maintained, but some of them are not fully done and especially newer features are sometimes not fully translated. We’ll spend some money to get all officially supported languages up to 100%.

Building Descriptions

Another thing we’re working on besides fixes is more building descriptions. This is not just flavor text, for many buildings it also gives you information about how to use them in your gameplay, like the high tech tools or industrial robots. We tried to finish them this week, but it seems like it’ll have be released next week.

We’re currently running a cycle of

  1. read all comments
  2. prioritize them
  3. focus and just work on the most important issues for 4-5 days
  4. repeat

And we’re anticipating to stay in this cycle for a while.
So please feel free to continue giving feedback. We already have enough work to keep us busy, but when you talk about pain points, it gives us some guidance on which things to improve first.

Finally, the artists are working on another 2 maps actually. I’ll share more about them when the time comes.

Happy playing!


It is looking good, way more stable now.
I am missing the per district resource overview :slight_smile:


New to the game, started with 1.0. I’ve seen some videos of players using District Resource Overview and it was awesome. I’m at the point where I really need it too. Hopefully it gets reenabled soon.

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