Friday Dev News #141 - Post Release & Graphics Settings

Hello everyone!

Looking Back on Release Week

One week has passed since the full version of InfraSpace was released and we have a lot of new players as well as a lot of new feedback.

To address the issues encountered, we have already released 4 patch updates and today you’re getting the 5th one.

The most important things that have been fixed during the week:

  • added map panning with with right mouse click
  • factories can now store 20 blue and green science packs, up from 5 previously
  • fixed an issue where you couldn’t load some old saves from before the 1.0 update
  • fixed an issue where the collection / distribution center storage would not clear after switching resources
  • fixed some german localization issues as well as some missing ones
  • fixed an issue where building pipes would lag the game or even crash it on super long pipes
  • fixed an issue where you couldn’t lay pipes of different types on top of each other comfortably
  • fixed a bug where long roads would get wobbly during building
  • fixed a bug where collection centers would send the wrong resource to distribution centers
  • fixed a bug where you could get infinite resources with the distribution center
  • fixed a bug where you couldn’t select a second spaceship part to repair
  • fixed a translation that was missing in the tutorials
  • centered the main park building on it’s foundation

Fixing Clunkiness

We have been reading comments, posts, and reviews and it seems like currently most issues people are having are about “clunkiness”. Maybe we didn’t focus on that enough because we got used to the way InfraSpace worked and our playtesters did as well. Now that we have a lot of new players, we have a lot of new feedback.

We organized all the clunkiness feedback and made a “top 8” list of things that players want to have fixed:

  • Lack of information about how the game works, buildings, roads, and rails speed; encyclopedia too hidden
  • Too hard to find resources
  • No indication when a building can’t be placed in power visualization (maybe also other visualizations?)
  • Missing translations
  • Production boosts, spaceship boosts, pipe negative side not clear and not shown
  • Collection and distribution center have inverted roads
  • People complain about trains in many ways. We should probably add more info?
  • Show what side of the building are the entrances

Of course, there are some more things to note as well as bugs to fix. But we gotta start somewhere, so that’s what we’ll focus on. Next week I can already promise you that you’ll get detailed descriptions for each building.

If you are having trouble with some feature in InfraSpace, please remember to consult the in-game encyclopedia! You can find it on the left side of the screen and it explains districts, distribution centers, traffic, trains, and much more!

Graphics Settings & Fixes

Today, we’re releasing another update, introducing graphics settings.

  • fixed an issue where 1/3rd of resources could vanish when a car entered a habitat on easy traffic mode
  • fixed a race condition in the distribution center delivery code
  • fixed the mac version to work on the new macOS update
  • more fixes in the german localization

Let us know if these changes improved your experience and also if there is anything else we’re missing. Thanks for the feedback!

New Map

While our programmers are busy with all kinds of improvements and fixes, our artist Lasse has already started work on our third map. It’s supposed to feature difficult terrain for those players who like the challenge:

Happy playing!


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