Friday Dev News #138 - Mountain Roads

Hello everyone!

We’re hard at work preparing for the 1.0 release in 2 weeks!

In last weeks comments I saw mention of a car stacking issue on intersections. I can confirm we have fixed this bug and the fix is gonna be released with the 1.0 release.

Mountain Roads

We created a big new map for the 1.0 release. The good news is that it looks way better and more interesting - but the bad news is that our road system was not really equipped to handle mountains like these. Just look at what happened if you tried to build a road from one side of the mountain to another, brute force:

It looks funny, but actually makes the game worse. Mountains would not be the obstacle they’re supposed to be and it’d be too hard to place buildings on the roads that just ignore the shape of the terrain.

So we had to spend some time to create a road placing algorithm that adapts to the terrain. If you’re a long-time fan you’ll remember that roads used to snap to the terrain in the past. This was an issue because the roads turned out differently than what you expected to build.

We fixed this now: while you drag the road or rail, it will adapt to the terrain and you will see what you get, just like you’d expect:

There is a chance that this change introduces some bugs, so we’re gonna do extended playtesting and keep our eye open for reports. But we hope this will be a good solution for building even on tilted terrain.

Terraforming Adjustments

This is just a quick update from the art side! With the new map, we also had to adjust terraforming to make it look good and these are the results. We hope you like them!

Other than that, our team has been busy with a large amount of bug fixes, finishing the achievements programming, and working on a new trailer.
You’ll see more soon!

Happy playing

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