Friday Dev News #135 - Story

Hello everyone, it’s time for another Friday Dev News post!

Reminder: InfraSpace 1.0 is scheduled for release on September 19th!


InfraSpace’s story is not a big part of the game, but it still could use some improvement. Specifically, it is confusing, because at first you want to repair the spaceship, and once you’re done repairing it, you decide to stay on the planet and make a prospering colony out of it.

We’re going to add some in-game messages to explain the switch and the story of your city a little better. Here are some of the artworks for the messages:


We’ve shown these to you a long time ago and they’re finally ready to use in your cities: Billboards!

New map almost ready for playtesting

Our first new map is almost ready to be checked out by our playtesters. We wanted to release it to them today, but ran into some additional bugs that need to be fixed first. Maybe we’ll still make it in the evening, or on Monday instead.

The new map is looking great, but also has some challenges. For example, many players complained that the old map was too flat. That’s why the new map features more hills and mountains as well as subtle elevation changes. This looks great, but can lead to situations such as these:

We’re trying to include enough flat areas for you to build, but there might be some situations where you’ll have to be more careful when building roads in the future.

Also, we’re playing with the idea of a second map that has more difficult terrain and makes it more of a challenge to create a city with good layout:

What do you think?

Less Crashes

Also, I’m happy to report that all of our work on bugfixing has paid off and we’re getting waaay less crash reports now. There are still some, but a huge reduction. We’ll focus on other issues for now, but always keep an eye open.

Happy playing!

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