Friday Dev News #134 - Achievements

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Friday Dev News!

Memory Leak fix

Yesterday we already released a fix to an InfraSpace memory leak that lead to crashes and sluggish behaviour during gameplay and when quitting to main menu.

During the next week we’ll keep our eyes open if any other crash reports come in through our automated error reporting tool.


We had lots of players asking for them throughout the years of InfraSpace development and we’re happy to confirm that they’ll be in the 1.0 release!

Programming is not 100% finished yet, but check out some of our achievement icons so far:

Achievements will be disabled automatically when you use world settings to make a creative mode out of it, when you use mods or when you cheat.

New Map progress

We’re making progress on the new map! It’s just the terrain for now, but check out our work-in-progress screenshots and let us know how you feel about them!

As always,
happy playing!


Totally looking forward to the achievements! I always thought this game is really suitable for lots of achievements. Do you already know how many there are going to be?

I think we have around 35 achievements currently planned!

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