Friday Dev News #133 - New Map Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!

We are preparing for our 1.0 release and most programming resources are spent on fixing issues and tracking down bugs. One of the most important ones are some rare crashes that may not happen to some players at all, but to others more often. You may have noticed this week we released a lot of small updates. These add more and more logging capabilities to InfraSpace so we can track down all possible sources of issues.

Distribution Center Animation

Last week I introduced you to the Distribution Center idea we had to give you more control over InfraSpace traffic. I’m glad many of you like the idea so much! We are gonna try really hard to get it into the 1.0 update as well. Lasse was already working on the model, now he finished the animations as well:


Collection Center

The counterpart to the distribution center is going to be the collection center. That’s why it will look a little similar, but still different. Here is our current art progress on it:

New Map Sneak Peek

We have been working on a new map editor for a while now and in the last weeks Andreas was able to use Sepehr’s tools to make a first small test map. This is far from final - more of a test of the capabilities for our internal tests - but now that we got this map running and working, we’re hoping that we can start on the official map soon!

As always,
Happy playing!

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