Friday Dev News #131 - Looking back on the Balancing Update

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Friday Dev News!

Looking back on the Balancing Update

One week has passed since we released the Balancing Update to you and overall, the reception has been quite positive!

All players together have spent more than 20.000 hours playing with the new production chains and more buildings. There were some complaints, but most bugs have been fixed pretty quickly.

I think we did a good job keeping most bugs out of the update this time by doing lots of playtesting on the Discord server. If you also want to help playtesting our updates, before they come out, join the Discord Server. After the update was released, we’ve released 7 patches so far and there might be one or two more in store for you in the next days. Thanks to Sepehr to his diligent work on these.

The most troublesome issues now are beginning to be not bugs, but misunderstandings or design issues, like outgoing storage being full. We’re looking into how we can give you tools, tutorials, and visualizations to show you how to fix your city :slight_smile:

Leaving Early Access in September

As you can see on our Steam store page, we only intended to keep working on InfraSpace Early Access for 6 months. But community interest has been high, so we’ve extended the Early Acces period again and again and kept adding more features. Now, InfraSpace has been in Early Access for 21 months and it’s time to get our little game ready to graduate!

We’re planning to release out of Early Access in September and until then we’ll focus on bugfixes and fixing quality of life things here and there based on your feedback. We will only include a couple of new features - big on that list are:

  • Some feature to give you more control over the flow of goods
  • Hopefully a new map, made with our map editor!
  • Many tutorials, because that is expected of a game outside of Early Access
  • Mac support
  • Making Steam Deck support official
  • And some more

After 1.0 we will check again how popular InfraSpace is with the players and then see if we can get any more additional features in. We do not promise any content updates after 1.0 (after all, the game is done), but there will probably be at least one and what I can promise is of course bugfix updates as long as necessary.

Kindergarten, Theater

While our programmers were busy bugfixing, Lasse has already made some of Adriana’s building concepts reality. In 1.0 you’re gonna get a couple of more city community buildings like the theater:

And also the kindergarten:

Let us know how you liked the Balancing Update!
Happy playing!


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