Friday Dev News #129 - Balancing Update on Friday July 14th!

Hello everyone!

We are going to release the Balancing Update next week on Friday, July 14th and it’s time to let you in on 2 secret new features we’ve been working on alongside the new production chains: A new user interface and better space ship upgrades!

New User Interface

We have kept our second user interface, the blue dashboard for a while and are quite happy with it. Still - there are some things we wanted to improve:

First of all, since we added so many new buildings for this update, the construction interface was getting really crowded. We now have subsections for categories with a lot of buildings. We also moved the most common buildings, like habitats into a “basics” category with no subcategories for easy one-click access.

By the way - did you know you can quickly select categories with the keyboard shortcut left shift + number? This is already in the game!

Also, we changed the category order themselves and made 2 buttons for direct access to rails and pipes. The buttons for advanced building options have been moved to the top of the interface and should be a little more easy to understand.

You used to see city statistics in the bottom right, which got super cramped especially on small screens. So we took it out from there, but don’t worry! It now sits on the top right of your screen, always visible.

We hope we made a nice little step forward with this UI, but if you have any trouble let us know. We haven’t added animations yet, might be a nice idea for 1.0?

Better Spaceship Upgrades

When you finish repairing a part of the spaceship, you get small bonuses. But ever since we introduced these bonuses, many of them have actually felt a little weak, some players didn’t even think it was worth unlocking all of them.

This is about to change!

Every spaceship part now makes one or two recipes of your factories much more effective, producing one or two additional resources each time. Check it and see if it is overpowered! :smiley:

Heat Exchanger

And finally I’d like to end with some pictures of the new heat exchanger factory. It’s not completely finished yet, but should be done in time for the Update next Friday.

The heat exchanger is used on advanced products that need some cooling or heating, like the superconductor.

I hope you’re ready for the update next week and until then,
happy playing!


Nice to read that you can manage the update until next week. I’m really looking forward to all the new buildings.

What is your estimate for the release of 1.0? Will it be weeks, months or a year?

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