Friday Dev News #128 - Uranium Enrichment, Release on 14th of July

Hello everyone!

Getting the Balancing Update ready for July 14th

We are spending most of our time now getting the Balancing Update ready for release. This week, we integrated a lot of our playtesters’ concerns and fixed a couple of bugs.

One of the bigger bugs we fixed was related to grass that wasn’t getting properly removed when you placed buildings on roads nearby existing structures. Should be good now!

This week we also did much of the translation for English and German. The community translators are going to work on the other languages later.

Industrial Chemicals

Two weeks ago I only shared a concept, this week I can already present to you 2(!) finished buildings!

Chemicals are a new basic resource produces in the chemicals lab. It’s required for all kinds of products, but especially for science.

Chemicals can be further developed in the industrial chemicals lab. These high-concentration substances are required to make advanced materials like nanotubes or iridium alloy.

Uranium Enrichment

The Uranium Enrichment Facility is not completely finished, but you can already see a lot of progress!
This was the concept:

And this is the current state of the facility:

Enriched uranium is more radioactive and it’s required to power the fast neutron reactor and produce radiation cores.

That’s it for this week. We’re going to release the update on July 14th, I hope you’re stoked!

Happy playing!


this is what i was thinking :smiley: because getting better reactor but still need only raw uranium was kinda :smiley: easy.
(also nice model of the building, cant w8 to see it move)

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