Friday Dev News #127 - Bug Fixes

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week of dev news!

We’re preparing the balancing update for release and are aiming for July 14th. It’s looking good! Today we released a first version of the update to some playtesters on our Discord server. If you also want to help us playtesting, come join!

Bug Fixes

In preparation of the update we fixed quite a number of issues:

  • Fixed an issue where schools did not produce traffic
  • Required parks, stadiums, and schools to have a valid path to and from those buildings
  • Important: Reduced traffic for parks, stadiums, and schools by 67%
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on move or delete while building roads or rails gave you free resources or otherwise broke the game
  • Fixed an issue where replacing rails with upgraded versions didn’t work properly
  • Reduced gondola collider size so you can place them on cliffs
  • Fixed an issue where pipes could be visible above ground after loading a game
  • Fixed an issue where the game tried to autosave in the main menu

Map Editor almost done

We are nearing completion on our map editor for our artists! (2)

Sepehr only needs to get the maps to save and load correctly and make them playable and then we’re done!
Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll manage to give you a new map for the balancing update, but should be ready for the 1.0 release!

New Production Chains: Heat Exchangers & Stem Cell Labs

First of all, the plastic factory I showed you last Friday is now done:

Second, we have 2 new products: The heat exchanger will be necessary to cool superconducting coils, but you’ll get screenshots of that next week.

The stem cell lab is our first futuristic biological product! More details to come in the coming weeks.

I hope you’re looking forward to the balancing update!
Let me know what you think and if we’re forgetting anything important to get InfraSpace ready for 1.0.

Happy playing!


Do you also consider the transport difficulty for the traffic generated by these amenity buildings? I think you should: double traffic for hard, baseline traffic for normal and half for easy.

The new production buildings look amazing and the new products will definitely fit well into the game! I’m curious to see what the new chains are like, especially how long they are.

I know blueprints are not in the backlog for release, but maybe you could look into a very basic copy/paste feature? Like letting the player select a rectangle and then paste this somewhere else, copying whatever buildings and roads are in the selected area.


Good point.
The transport difficulty is not considered for service buildings but it should.

Blueprint or copy-paste is a “super maybe” feature, definitely not before 1.0

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Thanks! :smiley: Atleast there is an hope for C&P feature!

Thank you for the hard work.
(also happy to see that someone is hearing the comunity <3 )

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