Friday Dev News #126 - Chemical Industry

Hello everyone!

This week we’ve got more progress to share on our new industries as well as some map editor news!


The next update is going to be the balancing update and overhaul a lot of InfraSpace’s industries and also add a bunch of new industries. Last week, we introduced the oil industry to you and today we’re showing the next processing step: Plastic!

Adriana’s concept looks pretty cool, but Lasse has also started making it. Textures are still missing, but you can get a sense for what’s to come:

Copper Mill

Last week we showed you the copper mill that was supposed to add a higher tier to your copper production. This week I’m happy to show you the final building!

These buildings are not animated yet, because we’ret trying to be quick and hit the update deadline of July 14th, but we’re making good progress!

Chemical Industry

And finally I’d like to introduce our final new factory for this week, which will produce industrial chemicals, which will be used in all kinds of products:

More details and hopefully a screenshot of the finished model next week!

Map Editor for our Artists

Since a lot of people would like to see one or more different maps with some more elevation changes and interesting terrain, we’re making a map editor. For now, only to be used by our artists.

It’s been taking a while, but thanks to Sepehr this week I can share a nice little gif: First, an artist can use Unity’s built in terrain tools to create a terrain with some grass. Then, they can switch to our map editor and see the terraformed version as well as paint some trees. (5)

This kind of functionality is important because our InfraSpace maps essentially have 2 versions: default and terraformed.

That’s it for this week, I hope you’re as stoked for the balancing update as we are.

Happy playing!


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