Friday Dev News #125 - Oil Industry

Hello everyone!

This week I’ve got lots of updates for you!

Oil Industry

The plants on our planet Neper-3 have been growing their for millions of years, so if you just dig deep enough, you can find oil in the lower layers of the ground.

This is lucky for your small extraterrestrial community because they can refine the oil into plastic to make industrial parts that would be hard to make otherwise.


Since oil is another liquid, you’ll be able to store it in tanks.

One of the big reasons for the balancing changes is so that you don’t have to place thousands of electronics factories in the late game anymore. Instead, there will be more varied production chains.

Copper Mill

Also copper production is getting some upgrades. Here you can see our first concept for the copper mill:

Map Editor Progress

The map editor for our artists has taken a while, but we are finally finishing up with the most time consuming things! We’re hoping to finish it next week, so that we can get back to bugfixing and quality of life improvements.


We hope we can create some more interesting maps for you, but not sure if we’ll make it in time for this update.

Bonus: We fixed a save loading issue and a possible crash. Still needs to be released though.

Holo Cinema

And a final extra: Welcome the new holo cinema, an alternative source of entertainment besides the huge stadium!


Those were a lot of news this week. Let us know what you are most looking forward to!

Happy playing!


I am not so happy about that oil Industry.
There is already methane as fossil fuel, and that is rarely used. Only 4 buildings require methane.
I hope you make methane more useful, and think of something else that can be dig up from the ground instead of oil.

Interesting addition! Is the oil production going to affect the terraformation process? Are the greenhouse gases going to be bad (like on earth) or perhaps contribute to create a warmer and thicker atmosphere on the planet (akin to what we would need to do to terraform Mars)?

Good idea, I would love to see it in a balance so that it helps in the beginning and in the end one would need to capture it with trees again

I also like the idea of the copper mill next to the steel mill which already exists. I am curious what the new tech tree is going to look like.

As for balancing, the huge amount of electronic factories doesn’t bother me as much as the nanotubes and neural processors which are everywhere :joy:

To those who complain about OIL…

This game is under the developement and complaining about usage of some resources is meaningless because there will be usage later (hello Adamantite :smiley: )

I like that they are adding more late game stuff and more complexity to the game so we can play longer to get maxed out.

Its early stage of the game - they are now adding width of the game (more stuff more ways to get T6 T7 T8 … habitats).

Later on they will add more depth into the game (more choises how to manage resources, more ways to use them, maybe later on effective building that make more for less (like large mines) will come to the game.

Thanks for adding new resource that add whole new chain into the game. Thank you for the hard job.

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