Friday Dev News #124 - Residential Service Buildings

Hello everyone!

This week I first want to clear up a possible confusion: When I introduced you to our map editor work last week, I meant we are making a map editor for our artists only right now. It might be ported to be usable by players later or it might not. But the reason we are working on this map editor is because a big part of the community has asked for a better map and we’re trying to deliver it.

Work on the editor has been going on for 2 weeks now and it seems our programmer Sepehr be done next week with programming. After that artists will be able to use the editor and we’ll try to get one new additional map into the next update release, probably mid-July.

Extra Buildings

While we are busy programming the map editor and fixing some bugs that have crept up (there is one crash we are investigating), our artist Lasse has been busy providing you with some more additional buildings. First, check out the new space and science monuments:

Also, you’ll get a new shape of solar panels with the next update:

Residential Buildings

The residential side of InfraSpace’s city building has always been a bit thin, so we are providing some upgrades. Here you can see some of Adriana’s concepts for a kindergarten as well as a fitness center:


The next update is suppposed to be a big balancing update, but unfortunately, Andreas is still quite sick. Much of the actual balancing is done, but we need to make the art for the new production chains. I’m hoping we’ll be able to share some news on those next week!

Until then,
happy playing!


More residential buildings sound really neat! Will they be functional or decorations? By the way I’m kinda missing a hospital, too :smiley:

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