Friday Dev News #123 - Map Editor Progress

Hello everyone!

We’ve dived deep into the work for the Balancing Update, the final one before 1.0. There are not many screenshots to show yet, but I can talk about the progress.

New Map Editor

One of the main things we want to address in the next update is improving the world map. Our plan is to make a small map editor so the artists can hand-craft maps for you instead of spending a lot of programming time on a map generation algorithm that may give us subpar results.

This week we’ve started work on the map editor and got terrain editing as well as simple saving and loading to work. The biggest part that’s left is adding and modifying environment objects like rocks and plants.

We’re hoping to finish the first basic version of the map editor next week, but we’ll see how it turns out!

New Production Chains

The Balancing Update is going to change a lot of resource consumption and production numbers, but will also include some new production chains!

Andreas, one of our artists, has been hard at work creating some art for these production chains, but unfortunately he has become sick this week so we wish him a good recovery. I’ll get back to you with screenshots once he’s back.

Even more additional buildings

And finally, we have finished another decoration buildings which I can show you some pictures of. Let us know how you like the earth monument:

Also, we thought we should give you a little more options for entertainment buildings than just the stadium. How do you like the cinema and theater concepts?

That’s it for this week, see you next Friday!
Happy playing!


Monuments and theaters look great, awesome work!

As for the map editor, I am most excited to be able to remove all rocks and shrubbery from the map and mines! Glares at puny space laser

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