Friday Dev News #120 - Improvement Update next week!

Hello everyone!

The Improvement Update releases next Friday, on May 12th!

Here is a small summary of the changes:


  • Pathfinding Performance has been vastly improved, which is especially relevant for large saves
  • We removed one source of regular stutter (Visualization mode verification ran every 5 seconds)
  • No hanging when placing long roads in really large saves

Bugs fixed

  • When you place roads they are now built in the shape you expect
  • Fixed terrain decals below roads not being rendered correctly
  • Fixed green grass not appearing in grasslands and forests after terraforming

New features

  • “Pixel buildings” so you can highlight parts of your city
  • Color wheel for pixel buildings and trains so you can have them in any color you want
  • Lots of new decoration buildings for your enjoyment, like crashed ufo, ferris wheel, new parks, …

If you’re interested in the details, check out the Friday Dev News posts from the last weeks!

This week’s progress

If you’re a regular reader of Friday Dev News and are wondering what are the new changes form last week: We were busy getting all the stuff ready for the update! There was a big issue stopping the pathfinding performance integration, but I’m happy to report we just released an update to our playtesters, so it should be all ready for the release next week!

After the Improvement Update?

We are preparing InfraSpace for 1.0 launch and in order to do that we thought it might be good to release another polishing update, basically Improvement Update part 2. Cause there is still a bunch we want to improve!

Happy playing!


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