Friday Dev News #117 - InfraSpace's Future + Road Shape Fix

Hello everyone!

Future of InfraSpace

This week I just wanted to take some time and update you all on the progress of InfraSpace and when we’re gonna hit 1.0 and release Early Access.

InfraSpace has been in Early Access for almost 2 years now and we have long finished all of the promised roadmap items as well as a bunch of extra features and stuff that wasn’t on the roadmap. During development we prioritized dev speed over stability and performance, but it’s time to change that and improve the game we already have. Let’s make it an experience fit for a mature 1.0 release, probably leaving Early Access in 3 months or so.

That means less focus on new shiny features and more focus on fixing bugs and performance issues as well as tutorials. And I want to be clear that we will not make huge changes like adding “Area 02” for making another city in the same save or multiplayer or anything like that. That is in the realm of “InfraSpace 2” or whatever may happen in the future :wink:

I have heard some people complain about “how can you work on a ferris wheel when bug X is still there?”. The reason is that artists will not fix programming issues. The ferris wheel does not require programming, so this is something our artists can do to improve the game, while our programmers work on other issues in the background.

The terrain is an open question. Of course we have heard your feedback especially regarding the love for the old terrain. The thing is, working on terrain takes a large amount of time and currently I feel it’s better spend on fixing multiple smaller things instead. We’ll see!

As for how much content comes after updates, I’ve said in the past multiple times it depends on how many players will play it at that point. For now we focus on improvement and getting it ready for 1.0.

Fixing common road placement bug

In that bugfixing spirit:

It’s long been a gripe of players that placed roads do not always have the shape their draft shows before they’re placed, especially on hills.

Well, our programmer Sepehr just fixed it:



InfraSpace’s production ratios have alwyays been a little whacky and unpredictable. Andreas is working on finding a new balance for the production chains so you can much easier calculate how many mines you need to supply a factory.

Also, we’re planning to do away with huge fields of nanotube factories or electronics factoriers. To that end, we might introduce 1-2 new resource chains. More info on that to come later!

Playtesting Pixel Buildings

On Discord we have a small group of playtesters playing our in development version trying to find bugs. This week, they’ve already had a go at the new pixel buildings (screenshots are from AaronJerda):

If you also wanna help us find bugs, join the Discord here.

That’s it for this week. I hope you understand that we’ll not focus on huge new features for the forseeable future, but if you got bugs, performance, or broken gameplay issues, let us know!

Happy playing!

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