Friday Dev News #116 - Pixel Buildings

Hello everyone!

Easter time is here, so we had a little shorter week this time and we hope all of you are enjoying the holidays if you have some. This week we already released a small bugfix update on Monday to make sure the magnetic field generator is working properly for absolutely everybody.

So now, I wanna reveal a fun little thing we’ve been making, called pixel buildings:


It’s always been great to see players use the signs in their cities for all kinds of purposes. Sometimes they declare districts names, remind players of future plans, or are just plain little funny messages.

Another cool thing we saw is that some “road building artists” on our discord server made some absolutely amazing things. Check out the adamantine icon made out of roads in this city by AronJerda on Discord:

So we thought with relatively little effort it might be possible to give you way better tools besides pre-made decoration.

Pixel Buildings

“Pixel Buildings” are just some buildings that are exactly 1x1 unit wide and come in some different shapes like rectangles, slops, and circles.

You can use them for all manner of purposes. You could make pixel art or just fill up some space. We’re just gonna give them to you and see what happens :smiley:

All the colors can be set with the new color picker:


Unfortunately, because of some tricky issues, implementing the color picker took longer than expected. We haven’t forgot that we want to focus on polishing, fixes, and performance as well this update and will get back to it soon.

On a positive note though, the color picker automatically also works with trains and any future thing that might be editable:

Check out next week’s post to hear some more news about balancing!

Until then, happy playing!


Awesome idea! Can’t wait to play with the little pixel buildings <3

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