Friday Dev News #115 - Big Ferris Wheel

Hello everyone!

our studio has a lot to do right now with a mix of refactoring, polishing, adding some new buildings, and a visit to the Game Developers Conference.

This week, I’ll show you some of the new decorative buildings thanks to Lasse, while the rest of the team are working on improvements on things in the background.

Big Ferris Wheel

This Ferris Wheel let’s your citizens see the plant from a whole new perspective! For now this is just a decorative building, but we might make it an alternative to the stadium for people to get entertainment. What do you think?


Crashed UFO

Where could this have come from? Seems like it’s been here for a long time.

Building Variations

InfraSpace’s industrial districts frequently look a little bland cause many players group buildings of the same product together in large areas. To improve the look of these zones, we’re adding some variations to many often-used factories:



That’s it for this week’s updates. Let us know what you think and happy playing!

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Love the ferris wheel. I would be fine if the radius was like the park one.

The UFO reminds me of the old saying: “It is never aliens”
What if instead broken off parts of a human space craft were scattered around? Would it be from the current space craft or from an older one? :thinking:

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It’s an April fools joke right ?

The important thing to realize is that our artists can not fix bugs or performance issues.

So that’s why the artists work on things that don’t require programming, like decoration buildings, so that the programmers can focus on polishing.

Polishing that is in progress is just not so exciting to show in a Friday Dev News post. It takes time.

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