Friday Dev News #114 - Bugfix Update

Hello everyone,

one week has passed since the Terraforming Update and we’ve been busy with bugfixes for you.

A big reason for some of the new bugs was a multithreading issue that happened because we cleaned up a huge chunk of our codebase, about 40%. This should make future dev easier, but during that cleanup, we also made a last minute performance improvement. It worked, but sometimes led to issues with other threads, breaking a bunch of things.

That threading issue was fixed with the Monday update and that’s where most reported bugs have been eliminated. Some were still left, so today you’re getting another update:

  • fixed keybindings that were not working
  • fixed animations not playing properly if they were not using VAT (immigration spaceship). Some players thought this meant immigration was broken
  • fixed animations and particles out of sync when placing roads next to building
  • fixed red dots not disappearing when placing first couple of buildings

On Monday we fixed the bug where the Magnetic Field Generator turned into the adamantine drill. However, you need to place a NEW generator, because old generators still have the wrong values inside of them. If you are sure you have placed a new generator and you still see it turning into the adamantine mine, send us the save.

That’s it for this week. You’re going to hear more about our plans for the next update next week.


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